Wednesday, February 4, 2009

GREAT potty training blog entry‏

Hey moms,
I just wanted to share this in case anyone has potty training struggles/insecurities. I know we all have our battles, and this is definitely one of ours. Both boys have given us a total run with the potty training. I won't go into details, but I found this extremely comforting to read. It is all inclusive on advice and encouragement:

Her points on potty trainig (visit blog for more in depth info):

1. Don't do it until they're ready.
2. Don't do it until YOU'RE ready.
3. Treat them like big kids.
4. The specifics are up to you.
5. Keep it positive.
6. Don't sweat the nighttime potty training.
7. What about regressions? Or really stubborn kids?
8. Don't compare yourself--or your kid--to others.
9. Limit the use of disposable training pants.
10. (And I almost forgot this one, but many thanks to Stretch Mark Mama for reminding me) I'm not a fan of the potty chair.

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