Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Q & A: Potty Training

Q: Abby (will be 3 in March) is potty training. So far, she has done perfect with going #1. It's the #2 we are having issues with. She wants to put a diaper/pull-up on when she needs to have a BM. I've done just about everything I can think of to get her to go #2. Has this happened to any of you? What do I do?

A: That's exactly what Caleb did. He did it for three months. He would go when I put a diaper on at night or he would go in his swim diaper at the pool. Sometimes he couldn't hold it and he just went in his pants. I can hardly remember that time because Ann Marie was a newborn and Kyle was 2. Anyway, I think I finally told him that if he tried to hold his poop in he could get sick, and that made him concerned enough to go in the potty. He was also starting preschool and I told him they would put him in a baby class if he pooped in his pants. But it was three months after we started with the process. Yikes. I remember someone telling me, he will probably be your hardest potty trainer. In fact I think 2 people told me that. I am still laughing about that comment after potty training Kyle.

Kyle went through a period recently where he started going number 2 in his pants again. I tried everything and finally told him I wouldn't take him back to Barnes and Noble if he went in his pants. He had to have clean pants for two whole weeks before I would take him back. This is a HUGE deal for him because he likes to play with the trains and read books and he begs to go every day.

Good luck, Janet. And don't feel bad about throwing away underwear if you have to. It gets pretty gross after a while. :)

A: We had this same issue with our most recently potty-trained child. Shedid this for months. Finally, as her birthday drew nearer, we startedtalking to her about not using a diaper anymore once she turned three.She picked up on it and started telling us that she would go poo-poo inthe potty when she turned 3. For some reason, this actually worked. Onher birthday (or maybe the day after), she wanted to put a diaper on,and we reminded her of what she had told us. It was a struggle for afew days, maybe a week, but we did not give in. She had told us shewould go in the potty, and we held her to that. The deadline was niceb/c we didn't argue about it until then. I had something to lookforward to and was content to wait until then. She knew she had freedomto do it her way for awhile, so she was content in the present as well.
Also, then and anytime she had a setback, I would start the stickerchart again. I would only do that for a few days, until she forgotabout it. It would help get her back on track, though.

A: Try having her sit on the toilet with a step-stool or chair tall enough for her to place her feet on. Sometimes kids need the extra stabilization and it is hard for them to have a BM without it. Recommendation courtesy of my OT friend from my ECI days…

A: finally "gave up" for a little while because I was tired of cleaning up dirty underwear. Clare could control #1 even throughout the night, but she refused to go #2 on the toilet. This was when I was pregnant with Mary. I tried again when Mary was about a month or two old. That would make Clare almost 3 1/2! I had three in diapers and was fed up! Clare went all day and all night and then all of the next day without an accident (also no #2). That second evening, I realized I hadn't seen her in a while and then I heard, "Mommy, I went... (my thoughts: Oh no, she went #2 in her pants) potty in the toilet!" I ran screaming to the bathroom I was so excited. I think it just clicked for her. So, don't sweat it. When she's ready, she will do it. I know it's frustrating when things don't go as WE plan them to. But just remember she can't go #2 in a pull-up forever. :) Good luck!

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