Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ideas for celebrating Holy Week

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Create a family centerpiece for the week using Sunday's palms from mass as the focal point. Have a special family dinner together on Holy Thursday and think of ways to, as a family, "wash the feet" of people in need in your parish or community. As a family, take the day off on Good Friday and attend services at your parish. Accompany your children to church and participate in the Stations of the Cross at a level they can understand - as a family unit you can "do" your own stations - spend a few moments contemplating each station and discussing quietly and reverently with your child the true meaning of each station. Say a quiet prayer at the end of each Station.

Have you taken advantage of the Sacrament of Reconciliation to fully prepare yourself for Easter this year? If your parish offers a penance service, take your children and explain to them the Sacrament. Even young children who have not as yet received the Sacrament will benefit from attending the prayer service and having an examination of conscience described to them in terms they can understand. While you go to confession, ask your child to pray for you...we need all of the prayers we can get!

On Holy Saturday, make a tradition of coloring Easter eggs as a family reflecting on the beauty of new life. Tie this tradition to the Church's joy at the Resurrection of Jesus and our treasuring of the sanctity of all new life. Pray as a family for the countless people who will enter our Church at the Easter Vigil mass through the RCIA program. You may even want to contact your parish and "adopt" a candidate for whom your family will pray during Holy Week. Light a candle each evening and pray for this person and all who are being baptized and coming into full Communion with the Church. As a family, make attending Mass on Easter Sunday the highlight of your celebration. Rejoice at the Resurrection of our Lord! Read the gospel as a family as a highlight at your Easter meal.

How does your family participate in the joy of the Resurrection of our Savior?

Please feel welcomed to comment and share your ideas with us!

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  1. We're going to talk about serving others on Holy Thursday and then visit an lonely elderly widow in our neighborhood. We're also going to drop off items at a favorite charity.

    I saw a great idea for the Stations of the Cross at home on Joanna Bogles's show about Feasts on EWTN. She suggested lighting 14 small candles and as the prayers and readings are done for each station, blowing out a candle. The family will be left in darkness at the last station. What a dramatic visual for children! She used emergency candles and made little bases by molding aluminum foil around the bottom of the candles.