Monday, April 6, 2009

Seder Meal

Have you ever had a Seder Meal in your home? We started the tradition of having a Seder Meal on Holy Thursday a few years ago. This is such a wonderful tradition that I wanted to encourage you all to try it. There is a lot of preparation and cooking that goes into a Seder Meal. You may want to get together with another family to lighten the cooking load. And if you have experience with Seder Meals, invite another family over that has never done one before. I'm sure they would appreciate it!

Here are a few websites that explain the Seder Meal and give some recipes:

Here are a few pointers that I have learned over the years:

1. Start your preparations and cooking early in the day.
2. Traditionally, the house is supposed to be completely clean to assure that there is no trace of leaven in the house. Don't stress it if your house is not up to par because, believe me, after your Seder Meal your kitchen will be a disaster.
3. Begin your meal early enough to allow time to go through the entire ritual without being rushed (especially if you plan on going to church that evening). I'm aiming for starting at 4pm this year.
4. Make notes of what recipes you liked or disliked. It might be handy to have a Seder Meal file containing your ritual and recipes.
5. Color code your ritual to make it easier to follow along.
6. For kids old enough to drink out of a regular cup, but too young to drink wine, purchase some plastic wine glasses and fill with grape juice. This will make the Seder meal even more special for them.
7. Enjoy this time with your family as you prepare for Easter.


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