Thursday, January 21, 2010

Book Review of Holiness for Housewives by Hubert van Zeller

This book was first published in 1951 under the title Praying While You Work. It teaches you just that - how to pray while you work. This book is an easy-to-read explanation of what to expect in your journey towards a meaningful prayer life with God. "This is the first lesson for the Christian wife and mother today: to let go of what may once have been - and under other circumstances might now be - a recollected self, and take on, with both hands, the plan of God. Indeed it is the lesson for every Christian in every age; it is the gospel principle of dying on one plane in order to live on another." Page 15.
Van Zeller seems to really understand the life of a housewife and gives practical advice for building up your prayer life. "It becomes a matter then, of developing a system of prayer within the framework of your God-given duties. It will be your system of prayer - not neccessarily anyone else's. You will have to find a way of communicating with God by means of and not in spite of the calls upon your time and energy and patience." Page 26.
He gives the reader different ways of thinking about prayer. "Prayer, if it means expressed praise, is only one form of communication with God. Prayer, if it means directed effort toward God, can cover all forms of communication with God. Your whole purpose, then, is to work out a way of praying that directs every effort toward God - and to work out a way of directing effort so that everything becomes a prayer." Page. 26. Prayer isn't just a set time away from all the distractions of motherhood, it is in the midst of the distractions, it is your entire life.

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